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Below, is outlined exactly what the DCB API can do.


Postal Code Lookup

Through this method, customers are empowered to effortlessly search for a specific suburb in our comprehensive route guide. By inputting the desired suburb or postal code, they can retrieve accurate information such as the corresponding suburb name, city, postal code, and route code from our extensive route guide. This feature facilitates efficient route planning and ensures that customers have access to the correct and up-to-date location details for their shipping needs.

Track and Trace

With this method, customers gain the ability to conveniently view all captured waybill details, including tracking information, and access electronic Proof of Delivery documentation. This comprehensive functionality enables customers to have complete visibility and transparency into their shipments, ensuring they can easily track and monitor their packages throughout the delivery process.

Real Time Online Quote

The DCB API provides a convenient method for customers to obtain a quotation based on their collection and receiver's details, along with an estimated quantity of parcels to be picked up. By utilizing this functionality, customers can receive accurate pricing information for their shipment requirements.

Upload Waybill Details To Online Management System

The DCB API provides a method that facilitates the seamless submission of waybill details to the DCB Online Management System for streamlined processing.

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